Quality Control

There were three people ready to be executed by guillotine back in medieval days. A farmer; a blacksmith; and, an engineer. For whatever
reasons we don't know.
The first was brought up to the platform and the henchman ask if he had any last words. The farmer said yes, that he would like to say a
prayer. After kneeling down and praying, the henchman had him put his head through the opening in the guillotine and he pulled the chain. The blade came crashing down but stopped 2" from the man's neck. Everyone gasped and said for the henchman to let him go. This must be a sign from the gods. So, the guards let him go.

Next was the blacksmith's turn. After being asked if he had any last words, he too wanted to say a prayer. The same thing happened. When
the chain was pulled, the blade came crashing down and stopped 2" from the man's neck. For the same reason, the guards let him go too. And as did the farmer, he high-tailed it over the mountains.

Lastly, the engineer was brought up onto the platform. When the henchman asked him if he had any last words he said "no", but pointed
up to the top of the guillotine and said "there's a kink in the chain"