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True Hair Transplant

Advance Hair Transplant Clinic

TRUE HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTRE, Bareilly is first of its kind in UP region. We strictly follow international standards.With the team of dedicated and trained staff we provide excellence at most affordable price. Patients have advantage of benefiting from direct consultation with surgeon and then making a choice based on merits of technique rather than its price. TRUE clinic is a best hair transplant clinic in Bareilly. For references you can get actual patient histories of the cases done by us. We make every possible effort to honour the trust put into our services.

Within short span of time TRUE HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTRE has became a well known name for the hair transplant using FUE. The TRUE Clinic medical team is comprised of an elite group of specialists personally chosen and trained by the organization’s founder, Dr. Riyaz Ahmad . At Clinic the rigorous selection process compliments an intensive training regimen making the team member confident. We thrive on consistent results complying with the organization’s philosophy towards upholding high standards of excellence and trust.

TRUE Clinic has modern and well equipped, hygienic operation theatres. Our operation theatres are equipped with latest hair transplant instruments required for giving seamless and natural results along with keep zero risk for side effects. Before every surgery our Operation theatre are sterilised to make atmosphere totally hygienic and infection free. We do hair transplant by making this procedure a painless and comfortable procedure

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Dr. Riaz Ahmad